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Prestige Park Drive Plots of different sizes like 30' x 40' i.e. 1200 SQFT, 30' x 50' i.e. 1500 SQFT, 40' x 60' i.e. 2400 Square and 500' x 80' i.e. 4000 SQFT are available on Prestige Park Drive IVC Lane, North Bangalore. Both plots are built to discourage systemic problems for the owners of the land. It's a simple and fast best place to own a complot. Legal criteria such as gaining the status of RERA Karnataka are fulfilled. A plot in IVC Lane, the Prestige Park Drive, will quickly be your dream spot. Tenants of these plots will have a beautiful view from either the unaffected parts of the project. Prestige Park Drive has been planned by prominent architects who have worked unfailingly to satisfy the increasing demands. Everything prototypes are suitable for parampara vaastu.

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Prestige Park Drive is a new Prestige Group business based in North Bangalore, off Bellary Road near Bangalore International Airport. In the core of technology parks, international schools, institutions, hospitals, shopping centres and all other important services there is a luxury living space. This town near the international airport of Bangalore was designed to deliver Plotss in Devanahalli.



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Fully developed living area. North Bangalore Prestige Park Drive off Bellary Road is a great link on the road, rail and air. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transportation Corporation and some other private buses make travelling in the nearest areas fast and comfortable, linking them to other areas of the world. The closest station is 29.3 kilometres from Prestige Park Drive via SH 35 and NH 207 which makes it comfortable and easily accessible to other cities in India.

Just 41.5 kilometres through Main Road is City Intersection. Next to Devanahalli International Airport in the vicinity, i.e. approximately 34.4 kilometres. In this neighbourhood are renowned schools, universities, hospitals, banks, fuel station, supermarkets and many other significant city facilities that provide its inhabitants with a comfortable lifestyle.

Prestige Park Drive, IVC Lane, is North Bangalore's best city initiative. IVC Road has many other swift projects in suburban areas. Several programmes on infrastructures such as road extension projects, IT Parks and Aerospace Parks are taking place here. Its region is surrounded by the best schools, universities, health centres, banks, city distributors (ATMs), shopping centres, restaurants, multiplexes, etc. Multiple shopping malls with all types of branded materials, multi kitchen restaurants etc. under the same roof. Located near the residential enterprise, people will enjoy luxury from one portion of the town rather than travel from it.

Prestige Park Drive is a venue for hours of pleasant fun, diving or exercise at the beach, indoor play or reading or just enjoying a cup of coffee or lounging in a comfortable environment. These luxury Plotss are now up for sale in Devanahalli, North Bangalore. Prestige Park Drive is situated in a suburban area that has been well developed. Closeness to the office and cheap assets, infrastructures and public transport are the key factors that increase the area's reputation. Prestige City is a new project on the road to Sarjapur. Undoubtedly, people would surely enjoy such an excellent dimension to their jobs and success. In this location, a metro addition for comfortable commuting is proposed as well.

The highest demand for plots is due to IVC Lane. The region has everything you want, including many top colleges, clinics, restaurants, centres and more in Bangalore. IVC Road is also the perfect way to decide with IT Prestige Park Drive professionals and discover big opportunities for working closer to them. It is considered to be one of Bangalore, with desirable infrastructure and services, which is rapidly expanding.

Prestige Park Drive is a perfect way to distract from the modern landscape and travel to where it's all dreamlike. This area offers stunning parks, courtyards, olive groves, ponds, thriving gardens and tree-lined landscapes Prestige Park Drive. It has a peaceful atmosphere, no doubt. It is the spot where you can enjoy the green arena, large walks and ample room for elderly people. This city is full of world-class infrastructure and shaded trees to retain harmony with nature. There are some of these amenities available from the list that are accessible to the citizens of the Prestige Park Drive, a World-class Gymnase and a multimedia Hall for party and evening libraries, senior citizen areas, the Crèche, tree covered trails, landscaped grounds, fitness club, dining hall, outdoor party areas, high-speed elevators and more. You are welcomed with very large parks at Prestige Park Drive.

Experience the green arena in an extravagant, one of a sort. Either a family reunion or group meeting for your friends, parks can be a great destination in their grounds. The balanced tracks for jogging and walking with tree lines are a metre from your doorstep. It is a best spot to discover an exceptional way of living in Bangalore with green arena, broad pathways and bougainvillaea along bike routes.

In Prestige Park Drive, IVC Road, North Bangalore, will already have the traditional facilities, facilities, as a spacious gym, Squash Court, badminton court, snooker, tennis court, mini theatre, yoga / aerobics deck, outdoor cricket courts, a large adult swimming pool, children's pool and numerous indoor swimming pools. Prestige Park Drive gives impressive facilities to its residents. Inhabitants of world-class facilities will certainly expect a world-class security infrastructure too. Don't worry, Prestige Park Drive just sit away and return all here to take good care of you and your precious ones. We have monitored entry points, safety surveillance system 24 hours a day, locked neighbourhoods, sufficient police patrols, etc. Key points for ensuring you have safe life are linked to CCTV tracking. Both of these make Reputation Park a top value

Prestige Park Drive is a town near the u.s. airport in Bangalore that has already been built to deliver full integrated living on the Bellary road. It provides apps and services you'd like to see elsewhere. Amenities like a world-class Hall for celebrations and soirées, and a Multifunction Hall. In prestige parking, there is so much to be enjoyed, even if you have hours of meaningful fun, take a bath in the pool or work out in the exercise centre, play indoor sports or catch your reads, or just snack coffee and chill in the comfortable atmosphere. There you will even enjoy several fantastic attractions for all residents of Prestige park Drive. Prestige Park Drive has outstanding sports fans facilities because the large area is well used to provide many sports facilities outside which makes this town one of the best luxury gated townships. These premium Plotss can be found in North Bangalore.

Near the Nandi Hills, a major tourist attraction in North Bangalore, is Prestige Park Drive. In the coming years, tourism will grow in Bangalore, leading to an increase in real estate prices Prestige Park Drive. What are you expecting, then? Book Now! Book Now! Or just drop us a free site visit note. IVC Road, north of Bangalore, Prestige Park Drive is a high point for home and business accommodation in the airport. Investors and people wanting to create individual houses will find it the best location. NH-207, reputed colleges, the rural DC Office, GITAM University, engineering institutions, and the medical school are all linked. Prestige Park Drive provides excellent facilities.

Throughout the near future, tourists should increase in North Bangalore, contributing to the increase in real estate prices. What are you expecting, then? Book Now! Book Now! Or send us a free site visit note! North Bangalore's Prestige Park Drive city of 468 lot has become a place of high quality living and rejuvenation. Prestige Park Drive provides purchasers an advantage with regards to accessible and green areas. The construction is currently ongoing as well as the plots are also under development at Prestige Park Drive, and most of it is prepared to move in. The city relies on an art club with all the new amenities like that of the swimming pool, indoor sports like table tennis, mini theatre, snooker, squash court, yoga / aerobics deck, etc. Northern Bangalore has been well to Bangalore International Airport, Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, Railway Station and Prestige Park Drive is situated on IVC Route.

Investors attempt to obtain their second property based on their passion. It is more a vacation space than financial investments.The trend for plots with amenities has recently been replaced by themed plots which provide this little extra centered on the desire of the creator. Gulam Zia, Executive Director of Consulting, Retail and Hospitality at Knight Frank India real estate advising company, took a similar line as he said developers were tappings in these markets in the suburbs of cities and attracted buyers Prestige Park Drive. These plots have become very important to IT professionals and highly wealthy investors. He has said that the attitude of an investor has shifted to more than one building. The themes of particular properties are focused on art data yoga and then the buyer will charge a tiny maintenance fee to purchase the land.

Prestige Park drive from Prestige Constructions is one of North Bangalore's best-known building sites. Prestige Park Drive is situated right on the outskirts of technology parks, international colleges, institutions, hospitals, shopping centres and every other services. You should expect from all the luxurious services of the best builders.

North Bangalore, developed in recent years as a manufacturing area, has grown as an IT centre and as a real-estate hub because of its well-planned layouts. Prestige Park has become one of the most exclusive amenities for the dream home. Prestige Park Drive by Prestige Group itself is the choice for North Bangalore residential purposes built with exclusive luxury details and features, among many projects in North Bangalore. The shopping complex and centres, including esteemed educational institutes, hospitals and malls, are well with the other social facilities.

Prestige Park Drive was among the most successful North Bangalore luxury projects, featuring 30*50, 40*60 and 50*80 plots of amenities, including swimming pools, games field, palm gardens, indoor activities, yoga and aerobic decks, cricket courts, basketball, tennis courts etc. Prestige Park Drive, North Bangalore has convenient and spacious plots, and world-class facilities that ease, relax and stylish its resident's lifestyle. Prestige Park Drive was its linking space for the International Airport in Bangalore with plenty of green areas and a vast number of corporate offices, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transportation Company, the railway station, well-known schools, hospitals and many shopping malls in the vicinity.

At the drive to Prestige, they is dedicated to the demands of our consumers and making major improvements in their lifestyle, IVC Road North Bangalore, a residential initiative sponsored by prestige company. In the most famous part of Bangalore, it is undoubtedly a perfect opportunity to have a Prestige Community home. Bangalore, this section of IT Area, is renowned for its elegant transformation. The drive of the prestige park has been a unique aspect of its mission, embodying the vision of building modern and intelligent homes for all. They have dedicated themselves to ensuring all modern style standards, including elegance, comfort and safety. We are here to help alleviate the tension from the new technologies that enhances your living. This expansive residential project has an eclectic feature. This drive through a large field with lots of greenery is suitable for a livelihood. IVC road North Bangalore is lined with world prestige park drive.

When it comes to getting a house, before making a right decision, there are still a long list of considerations to pick from. Among them, it is crucial to choose this position because our choice eventually will affect our Prestige Park Drive daily quality of life. This is why Prestige Park Drive selects the IVC Path to be ideal for the customer in terms of both investment and living comfort. It just makes sense. Prestige Park Drive is situated in the vicinity of Nandi Hills, one of North Bangalore's most visited and important tourist resorts. IVC Road, north of Bangalore, Prestige Park Drive is a pivotal moment for home and business accommodation in the airport.

It is the perfect location for developers and citizens who plan to create a separate home. NH-2207, reputed colleges, the Rural DC Office, the GITAM University, the engineering college and medical schools are very linked with Reputation Park Drives. This indicates that schools and colleges are situated on the IVC Path from primary to medical. Furthermore, the whole region is rounded out with useful telecommunications layouts like Green Field 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Prestige Park Drive is close to Doddaballapur Yelahanka Main Road, Doddaballapur International Airport (just 7 mins away).

Prestige Park Drive is in a really open and quiet area, approximately 320 ft wide IVC lane. It is closely linked to the Doddaballapur Route, just 2 km from the Apparel Park and 10,000 hectares of information technology sectors. As several villa ventures have been built in this area, the nearby town will in the future be a prime centre. In addition to this 1000-acre financial centre and 10000-acre ITBT hub, the 1000-acre financial centre. This region is planned for future development and hassle-free transportation making it an ideal option for residential and industrial projects. The region in the city is projected to generate approximately 5 lakhs, which would boost the demand for neighbourhood housing. In the coming years, tourism will grow in North Bangalore, leading to an increase in property prices. What are you expecting, then? Book Now! Book Now! Or send us a free site visit note!

Prestige park drive is a mark of beauty and finesse that has truly been built to carve its inhabitants with a special housing experience. Prestige park drive gives occupants the trendy Prestige Park Drive residential unit specification and layout. The elevated structures are surrounded by luxuriant greenery and numerous leisure amenities for the people. The Prestige Community developed this park drive to have a homely atmosphere for every nook and corner. IVC Road North Bangalore is the perfect address for selecting a place to live, each gadget is built to give proper air conditioner, spacious balconies and unimaginable experience. It will undoubtedly provide a broad real property investment forum for Bangalore, the nation's IT City.

The prestige park drive is filled with everything you need, including clubhouse, fitness centre, pool, yoga deck, multifunctional lobby, parks, play area for girls, wellness club, trail for hikers, etc. Several primary facilities including in-house waste control systems, continuous electricity and water supplies, water characteristics, high speed lifts and clock safety monitoring equipment are also included. You call it and this invention protects the Prestige Park trip. So what Prestige Park Drive you're expecting? Prestige Park Drive by Prestige Constructers Founded with some of the top real estate builders in India, Mr. Razak Sattar, in 1986. Its trendy design and innovation in the building industry make it well recognised. This company has consistently developed through one of the largest property developers in South Indian.

To date, 210 projects, 53 new projects and 35 potential projects have been completed. Prestige Group also builds corporate, residential, retail and entertainment units. The site actively does have a venture in Prestige Park Drive other towns of Southern India that includes Chennai, Kochi, Mangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad and Goa with 205 landmarks in Bangalore. Prestige Tranquillity, Prestige Misty Waters, Prestige Ferns Residency, Prestige Silver Oak, President Royal Woods, are some of the top residential Prestige Park Drive completed by Prestige Group. The Prestige Group's vision is to build top standard residential, industrial and multi-purpose structures in India. Prestige Group investigates all possibilities of property with a broad staff and capital, and the strongest market impact on society. Due to its work, Prestige Group is one of the recognised names in terms of dedication and in-time performance in the real estate industry.

The newest technology has been updated to make structures safer, time-consuming and functional. The Prestige Group will eventually overtake the best projects in the country, transforming the future of modern India. The Prestige Group is the only real property developer in Bangalore who has received the reputable FIABCI Prize. They have also won a recent award for the consistent designs and their willingness to deliver their completed projects in due time for the production of Crisil DA1. It was also distinguished from the ONLY construction firm in India.

Financial transactions are taken following a lengthy period of decision-making and the decision-making process applies a few phases to the acquisitions of real estate. On one side the financial Prestige Park Drive need and the supply but then on the other side the issue is what is the proper investment alternative. The most asked query is whether to purchase Prestige Park Drive a home or a designed house or an estate. While this issue has been there for years, it is always hard for people to make the right decision. Any consideration Prestige Park Drive that should be weighed before concluding the capital growth for asset tax gain which not only be dependent on financial considerations because the entire family also takes part throughout the buying of a house.


Plot Plan 1

  • 30*50
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant

Plot Plan 2

  • 40*60
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant

Plot Plan 3

  • 50*80
  • All Units are Vaastu compliant